hella Real

“What we agree with leaves us inactive, but contradiction makes us productive.” ― Goethe

As a life-long member of this community, I have witnessed acts of kindness, fights for justice, and expressions of pride in the Town. I started this adventure because I wanted to share my enthusiasm;  I wanted to do that in a relaxing, fun way; and, I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much. Most importantly, I want to be real. You will see the best of Oakland and you will come to understand that Oakland has always been a motley mix of contradiction. This Is Oakland Bike Tours embraces the contradiction and provides a small yet productive way to better the Town for all.

Meet Your Oakland Enthusiast

I am a fourth-generation Oaklander and a sixth-generation Californian, I have traveled and biked on six continents, I have been an educator for the past eighteen years, and I am huge nerd when it comes to sharing random and particular facts of both the anecdotal and verifiable-kind about Oakland's history, economy, socio-political leanings, architecture, art, and foodie culture. With all of these experiences at my disposal, I knew I could bring a unique and uncommon sensibility to a tour of and about Oakland.  This in turn, led me to design tours which are small and personable that offer insightful and entertaining explanations while helping guests discover food and drink that are yummy and delectable, and--at the same time--I want to provide a sensible balance between stopping to look and riding to see. I want to show you around and show-off Oakland by bike!

This Is Oakland Bike Tours aspires to be the bespoke, curated tour of the East Bay that informs while invoking thought in its guests and in the community it strives to better one tour at a time.   We are not the well-kept secret of the East Bay anymore, but we still have secrets. My goal--as we meander through Central Oakland--is for you to ponder the peculiar, shake your head in fascination, and lick your lips in satisfaction, when I accomplish that my job as your Oakland Enthusiast is complete.

A Hella Good Time On Two Wheels

Oakland Love

Matt W.
June 3, 2018
Ann Arbor, MI

Absolutely fantastic tour! I almost always take a bike tour when I visit a new city, and Rehema's tour of Oakland was among the best I've had. Her enthusiasm for Oakland is contagious, she has great command of the history of the place, and because she and her family have lived in the area for generations, she peppers the tour with lots of personal anecdotes, which makes the tour richer. The bikes were new and very comfortable, and Rahema uses a wireless microphone so that everyone on the tour can hear what she is saying (and not just the people who happen to be near the tour guide at the time, which is the norm for bike tours). I took a bike tour of San Francisco with a different company the day before I took the This is Oakland tour, and I enjoyed the Oakland tour much more. Kudos to Rehema, and encouragement to everyone else to sign-up for this tour. You will be glad you did!

Anne-Marie R.
June 3, 2018
San Francisco, CA

We just took the tour yesterday and it was amazing! The city, the bikes, the information, the weather, Rehema - I'm not sure where to start. The bikes are well-equipped and very comfortable. There is an audio system that works very well so that you're able to hear all the information that native-Oaklander Rehema is providing. The route provides a well-thought out path that weaves through many interesting and diverse parts of Oakland. We had fantastic weather which just added to the great tour. Highly recommend taking the tour. You won't regret it. Enjoy!

Sher K.
April 28, 2018
Fairfax, CA

Best City Bike Tour! Enjoyed seeing the old aspects of Oakland in a new way and learning some insider data! Also really enjoyed picking up lunch by the water on a beautiful sunny day~ Great tourist spots for hosts with visiting guests~

Louie M.
April 28, 2018
Alameda, CA

Great Tour! Rehema is an Oakland native and shared with us the unknown and beautiful history of downtown and central Oakland monuments, buildings and murals; wineries found in Jack London and views of Lake Merritt. The tour allowed us to visit and sample local food during our break at the Jack London Farmer’s Market then off to Old Oakland District to learn about Swans Market. I would do it again. If you want something different then the normal San Francisco visit then take this tour and learn more about the East Bay, the sunny side of the Bay Area.