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This Is Oakland Bike Tours provides small group cycling tours led by an Oakland native and educator. These tours cover historical, architectural, cultural, sociopolitical and fun facts about the Downtown, Uptown, Jack London, West Oakland, and Grand Lake/Lakeshore neighborhoods.

Whether your interests lie in soaring art deco architecture, vibrant murals, African-American history or gourmet ice-cream crawls This Is Oakland Bike Tours has a tour for you from a local's perspective.

No matter the tour, you will come away with a better appreciation of  why folks Hella Love Oakland!


With so much to see, these tours are the perfect venue for Californians, domestic and international tourists, those new to Oakland, corporate teams, and educators who want to learn more about this diverse and storied city. The tours are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays by appointment, and Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and are approximately four hours in length.

Classically Curated: Central Oakland Group Tour

You will learn something new on these tours which I have carefully curated to highlight the best of what Oakland has to offer. The tours are uniquely crafted to provide a rich and myriad experience. No matter which day you choose, the tour will always include Hella Hungry, Hella Thirsty stops which allow guests to survey multiple refreshments at various cafés, farmer's markets, local restaurants and specialty ice cream shops along the way.

Meet Up Location: Latham Square
Duration: up to 4 hours
Length: 10-15 miles
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate
Price: $69

Custom Curated: Private Tour

These tours allow guests to choose specific areas of emphasis and are scheduled by appointment five days a week. Each will be curated to include the best sights in your area of interest.

You want to get a group together that all scream for ice cream? Or maybe you would like to do a photographic tour of amazing graffiti and mural art? Or see the most significant Black Panthers sites? Or perhaps you want to explore the relative merits of local brews of the caffeinated or adult variety. Custom tours also include other sites of interest along the way and just like the Classically Curated include a sampling of Hella Hungry, Hella Thirsty stops.

Meet Up Location: Latham Square
Duration: 3.5-5 hours
Length: 12-18 miles
Difficulty Level: varies, easy to challenging depending on sights chosen
Price: $89 and up